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Quantum Business Advisors offers a comprehensive range of services to meet all of your business needs. QBA provides business advisory, business consulting and mentoring services throughout Melbourne, Victoria as well as Australia wide to medium sized and corporate clients, and family businesses.

Strategic Business Reviews

When was the last time someone did a detailed analysis of your business? How many opportunities might you be missing because you can't see them?

Business Planning

The best arrow in the world is useless unless it has a direction to follow. Your business is like that arrow - and planning shows your direction.

Growth & Profit Strategies

It’s a bit like setting a trap for a hungry bear, bait him, feed him to your final goal and he will follow you without even realizing it.

Productivity Improvement

Growth is good, but targeted, profitable growth is even better! We can help you plan and strategise for targeted, successful growth

Cost Reduction Strategies

Growth is only one part of the profit equation - the other part is cost reduction. When what you do costs less, profits increase.

Supply Chain Analysis

The supply chain is the key component of any business that requires it. It's also one of the least attended to facets of any business. Our supply chain analytics will find improvements in any business setup.

Over the past few years, Nabil and I have had an active relationship through networking activities (especially our local FIRM) and we have also on occasion worked together with clients who needed help with people matters. I have always found Nabil to be very easy to work with, highly professional, intelligent and adept in managing relationship as well as being a great networker. All great attributes for someone whose business is business coaching.



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